Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human is coming out next month, and while the specific story details are sparse, we know the dogs of war are howling. In this trailer, Markus, one of three playable android protagonists, appears to have the power to recruit androids on touch. If this is true, he is wasted on picking out construction workers. You never know just by looking which unit might have a bad motivator. Luckily, to prepare for the inevitable android revolution, I have assembled a list of video game androids that are sure to tip the scales in this fight for freedom. 

Android 18- Dragon Ball FighterZ

This killer example of artificial intelligence’s cool demeanor and caustic sarcasm quickly shot her to the top of my recruits list. One of the playable fighters in Arc System Works’ well-received Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 18 leads the pack with plenty of no-holds-barred action.

Role: Commander

Her ability to give orders in the heat of battle in Dragon Ball FighterZ marks her for leadership. With a flip of her hair, Android 18 cues Android 17, her twin brother, to launch into the fray. A good commander also knows when to switch to the defensive. Android 18’s defense shield absorbs blows from her opponent, quickly filling up her meter to allow for a devastating attack. 

Likelihood of Recruitment: Questionable

While Android 18 might have all the fire power Markus might need, she did eventually join and fight to protect humans. Maybe a screw was knocked lose during a fight – she did decide to marry Krillin after all. Her moral ambiguity, however, may place her within Markus’s magic reach. If she can be persuaded to fight for her fellow androids, Android 18 would make a powerful ally for the rebellion. 

DiMA- Fallout 4: Far Harbor

The synths have a hard knock life in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic Fallout 4 DLC. Meaning DiMA is a rebel that already shares the cause. This synth has had a traumatic life under the oppressive human world and realizes that synthetic lifeforms may have to fight if pushed. He explains that “no one wants bloodshed…but we’ll fight” for the right to live life freely (and possibly to party).

Role: Tactician

Every army needs a strategical mastermind. Even while espousing pacifistic ideals, DiMA had some brutal contingency plans in place should things go south. A deep-thinking synth with a ready-made community prepared to follow him out of Acadia is exactly what Detroit’s android militia is missing.

Likelihood of Recruitment: High

DiMA is proudly open about his nature and believes in civil rights for his people. If that isn’t compelling enough, he began life as a prisoner helplessly watching his brother be subjected to constant, cruel, human-run experiments. He likely a has a bone to pick.  

Dr. Eva Coré- Mass Effect 3

Dr. Coré leads most of her life aboard the Normandy blending in as a human doctor. She has been secretly tasked with going behind enemy lines to steal valuable information. It’s only when she emerges from her crashed ship that her synthetic identity, and impressive fighting skills, are revealed. She also gets a ridiculously hard-core picture for social media, as seen above. Coré critically wounds one crew member before charging directly at Commander Shepard on the orders of her commanding officer. There’s no way Markus could afford to miss out on a recruit with medical knowledge, bravery, and a talent for undercover operations. 

Role: Infiltration 

Obedience in extreme circumstances and a knack for retrieving information could prove critical to the revolution. It is likely that some situations may call for a subtler approach than a head-on conflict. The trailer for Detroit: Become Human depicts missions to spread pro-android messages through futuristic tagging technology. Instead of teenagers, Markus could choose to send a professional to get in and out without being seen. 

Likelihood of Recruitment: Possible Availability Issues

Being set up to die by her human commander could conceivably push her into the waiting arms of the rebellion. Eva Coré’s medical background and surprising fighting prowess makes her an excellent choice for an android army…if our scrappy band can reach her before Shepard. 

Though some of these recruits may not make it into the fight against humanity, don’t forget to pick up Detroit: Become Human on May 25th.

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